Gitanjali College of Physical Education is one of the most reputed institution in West Bengal. This is an eminent institution for nurturing and constituting mental and physical health of the students. Over the years this institution has been imparting B.P.Ed and M.P.Ed courses fulfilling the ambitions and aspirations of the students. When the young generations are getting disappointed at present time, this institution has come forward to show them the light of education. This institution aims at keeping the physical and mental health of the students fit so that they can gather energy and strength to prove themselves relevant in this competitive era of high standards.

We believe that this institution has the capability to uplift the physical and mental health of the students. This institution surrounded by green with spacious well furnished classrooms , gym, sports equipments, well equipped library, highly educated and trained teachers with dedicated office staff is setting exemplary records in the field of teacher education.

This institution of ours not only prepare the students for job but also provide platform so that they can gather courage to struggle and become successful overcoming crisis of various nature.

You will also feel pride that side by side this organization rules an English medium school from class V to class XII for the kids.

In this fast age when values are overlooked, we assure you to provide teachers who will be the role models in time to come.

With best wishes for bright future.